Roof Leaks and Diagnosing

Roof Leaks and Diagnosing

Roof leaks can come from many different places, but we commonly find them around roof penetrations, or where the roof line changes directions.  Pipe boots, roof vents, and any other roof accessory that you may have on your roof, could be a source for a leak.  Many times these leaks go unnoticed unless an inspection is performed .

Found during the tear off phase of a roof project.
In this image, the decking near a static roof vent had been compromised from moisture exposure.

We find that these kinds of leaks are very common within our commercial roofing customer base.  As maintenance personnel come and go, leaks either go unaddressed, or are not handled appropriately.  The picture below was found on a roof for one of our commercial roofing clients, and the status of the roofing accessories was unknown to the maintenance staff on site, and by the management company overseeing the facility.  We are not on site to replace the need for maintenance staff, but we can team up with those individuals and make both of our efforts more effective.

The rubber around this pipe boot is no longer serving its purpose.

Whether you are a homeowner concerned about the condition of your roof, or a commercial property owner who is unaware of your roof condition, it never hurts to have somebody perform an inspection and help you prepare to remedy these issues.

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