Types of Roofs

EPDM (Low Slope) Roof

EPDM (Rubber) roof membranes offer an optimal solution for nearly any low slope roofing situation. EPDM is a durable material that has over 50 years of proven, in field performance. With significant physical property advantages, warming benefits in northern climates, and innovations in product technologies, EPDM is still the defining standard in the commercial roofing market. EPDM roofs provide a superior hail damage resistance and have tested to provide a class 4 hail rating. White EPDM roof membranes are also available for southern climates and have been successfully used over the past 25 years.

Shingle (Steep Slope) Roof

Generally when we talk about steep slope roofs we are talking about any roof with a pitch of 3/12 or greater.  This is defined by the roof rising 3 inches or greater over a 12 inch horizontal run.  Our most common install on these slopes is an architectural shingle.  Shingles are not all made equally, so depending on the expectations of the product, we can provide the right shingle to fulfill your needs.  We also offer steel applications to steep slope roofs, although these are not as common, steel still has its positives.  It is best to discuss openly what your needs are, and to explore the options before relying on any common myths or assumptions about whatever the product may be.